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Not all tattoo aftercare is created equal


When it comes to tattoo aftercare, there are quite a number of products to choose from  with varying costs involved.  Some products contain chemicals, others contain animal products and a small number of them opt for a chemical and animal product free alternative. What’s the difference you might ask? Quality usually comes to mind and effectiveness.

Costs vary considerably between the products available and are usually determined by one key factor which typically relates to the cost of the ingredients used to make the product. A considerable...

Facts of the Week: Hemp in the early days!

  • Industrial hemp has been grown in the U.S. since the first European settlers arrived in early 1600’s.
  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper
  • George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams all grew hemp and actively advocated for commercial hemp production.
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    Z Balm - Killer Combo!


    Australian Farming Practices

    Ingredients used in Z Balm are grown in nature with minimal human intervention. No commercial farming methods are used in the cultivation of Z Balm. Furthermore, ingredients are harvested with no impact to the environment in which they naturally grow. This method of harvesting means that our ingredients are the most organically grown using the most ecologically friendly farming environments. Our ingredients are truly chemical-free and superior quality for which Australian natural...

    Z Balm Premium Tattoo Aftercare


    To all our customers, subscribers and followers. ZooTattoo is excited to announce that we will be officially launching Z Balm by the close of this month (April, 2016). With that said, we are planning a soft launch with little fanfare, as we prefer to let the product speak for itself! In due course we will send an email to our subscribers when the product is up and ready for sale. Thank you to everyone...

    Z Balm - The premium brand when it comes to tattoo aftercare - Tattoo aftercare Australia

    Z Balm - The premium brand when it comes to tattoo aftercare - Tattoo aftercare Australia


    Z Balm and its Healing Benefits

    Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil) has a long history in eastern culture as a great source of high quality nutrition and as a multi-purpose natural healing alternative. Although the oil is produced from the seeds...