What's to love about an infected tattoo?

What's to love about an infected tattoo?

Tattooed skin care can be defined as any behaviour that is performed in an effort to offer better health to the skin before, during and after the tattoo procedure. Unfortunately, the effort offered by most individuals comes without an understanding of how the skin functions and what it really needs for optimal health. The skin is the body's largest organ and is highly dependent on nutrition, just as all other organs are.

Getting a Tattoo? Skin Care Tip #1: Improve Your Diet

Aside from having a premium tattoo balm in your arsenal, the next most effective way to prepare for your skins healing process after a tattoo is through diet. The body is made up of approximately 50 to 70 percent water, depending on age and other factors. This fact suggests that optimal physiological healing functions, including that of the skin, are dependent on regular consumption of preferably distilled or reverse osmosis water. By taking in more water and removing sugar drinks, caffeinated drinks and frequent alcohol consumption prior to and after getting a tattoo will pay dividends to the healing of your new ink.

Appropriate water consumption aids in nutrient absorption, making optimal skin health dependent on the quality of food ingested. Simply put, the skin regenerates roughly every 30 days, so your skin will be a product of what you eat the 30 days prior to getting your tattoo. The adage you are what you eat possesses incredible truth!

Maintaining a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and proteins possessing antioxidant health such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids will serve as the best tattooed skin care tip for years to come.

Tattooed Skin Care Tip #2: Invest in FREE RADICAL HUNTERS!

So we mentioned why diet is crucial to healthy skin, however it’s not always possible to eat and drink as we’d like for all sorts of reasons so there are almost always nutritional gaps to fill. One of the most effective and efficient manners of solving this problem is through dietary supplements. Modern studies are showing the incredible benefits of super antioxidants like Astaxanthin. This antioxidant has been proven to greatly aid in molecular reparation in skin cells, as well as overall health of the body.

Tattooed Skin Care Tip #3: Develop a Daily Skin Care Regimen

The skin will begin to boast a more even complexion and radiance when offered nutrition from the inside. To aid outer skin maintenance, a quality tattoo skin care regimen is recommended. It is best to avoid product ingredients that are derived from petroleum-based refinement, including mineral oil and petrolatum.

A tattoo care regimen should be kept simple and consist of a good quality natural soap for bathing, a breathable film to protect against the elements for the first few days at least, and a premium tattoo balm. Most of it is common sense but there is a bit of science involved so a little research can go a long way when planning your next tattoo.

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