Time to wash your tattoo, what tattoo soap to use?

Time to wash your tattoo, what tattoo soap to use?

So you’ve just walked out of the tattoo shop with a grin from ear to ear, and hopefully at this point you’ve been covered with some tattoo balm and breathable protective film. So what now? You’ve just endured an hour or two or more of prolonged character building, and now you have to get down to applying your aftercare.

One thing that is often overlooked on the aftercare regime is when bathing. Clearly this is a time where we wash the dirt and grime that accumulates on the skin. So a question that often comes up is what is the best tattoo soap to use after getting a tattoo? Firstly, right off the bat it’s probably a wise choice to at least go for a natural tattoo soap and avoid soaps that aren’t.

Tattoo soap and tattoo balm that contains hemp seed oil provide a natural protective barrier on and around the tattoo while bathing, and therefore it is one of the most effective natural healing aids that Mother Nature gave us. The process of getting a tattoo is essentially a process of opening up the skin multiple times over, which creates a similar effect to a flesh wound. So it’s extremely important in the early stages to bathe with a quality soap bar that’s fit for the purpose. And don't forget the tattoo balm!



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