Not all tattoo aftercare is created equal

Not all tattoo aftercare is created equal

When it comes to tattoo aftercare, there are quite a number of products to choose from  with varying costs involved.  Some products contain chemicals, others contain animal products and a small number of them opt for a chemical and animal product free alternative. What’s the difference you might ask? Quality usually comes to mind and effectiveness.

Costs vary considerably between the products available and are usually determined by one key factor which typically relates to the cost of the ingredients used to make the product. A considerable percentage of products use the cheapest ingredients they can, simply to deliver a profit driven product which is unfortunate but rife in the industry.  Quality and effectiveness usually come a close second to profit though thankfully not all products were created with pure profit  in mind.

Another unfortunate scenario is people’s perception concerning tattoo aftercare. Whilst most are happy to invest a significant portion of their weekly pay packet to get some fresh ink from the best artist their money will buy, a lot of the time the concept of a quality aftercare program is an afterthought. Leaving this decision to the last minute can come with consequences. Your health being one, and the brilliance of the tattoo once healed is obviously an important factor.

Choosing a tattoo aftercare should be done prior to getting your tattoo. Products that are all natural with oils that closely resemble the natural oils found in skin are best suited to aftercare as the skin readily absorbs what it requires from the nutrients found in the formula to provide an effective barrier against infection. Some ingredients contain natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are the most effective. Unfortunately many products on the market do not have these properties, and are often just over priced moisturising lotions. Moisturising definitely helps the healing process, though many lotions won’t prevent infection or speed recovery time.

In addition to recovery time, the end result is what most tattoo enthusiasts are concerned with yet they apply products that were formulated for nappy rash to their fresh ink, or products that are known to extract ink, and really provide no protective properties or ink retention benefit whatsoever. Fortunately the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself but that doesn’t mean the doctor won’t sterilize your skin before operating on you. The same applies to tattoos which are essentially fresh skin wounds. The body will naturally attempt to heal the skin but as soon as you leave the studio, you enter a world of bacteria and bugs. The fact is that the likelihood of infection doubles from when you walk out the studio. You’ll often hear die hard's saying “yeah I’ve got over a hundred tattoos and never got infected once”. While this might be true in some cases, unfortunately you won’t hear about or see pictures of the horror stories on Instagram or Facebook.

In writing this blog, we have to confess that we do have a vested interest. First of all, we do make our own aftercare product, and secondly, it’s in our interests to help protect the image of the industry and see to it that we help reduce the level of infection that does occur. We also want to show enthusiasts that perhaps spending a little extra on a quality product might just deliver better results. After all, nothing ventured nothing gained right? I bet you haven’t stuck with the same brand of beer or wine all your life right? We have created the ultimate tattoo aftercare product using a formula that was vigorously tested comprising ingredients that could only be considered “top shelf”. We’ve created a premium blend with ingredients that competitors shy away from probably because of the cost of those ingredients. Usually the companies that do the most marketing and promotion have the least effective products and rely on brand awareness campaigns rather than education.

This is unfortunate to some extent. Not that we’re saying marketing is bad or wrong as you have to let the customer know you exist, but perhaps more attention should be directed to better products and better education. Believe it or not there are some countries where only doctors offer tattooing services because of the health risks involved. Fortunately in the western world for the most part, tattoo artists are very professional and take your health seriously and are not just in it for a quick buck. With that said, perhaps taking your health into your own hands is your best insurance, so maybe do your own research and choose wisely.


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