All ZOOTATTOO® aftercare products come with a 9M Logo. This logo means that products have a shelf life of nine months after they are opened, provided they are:

  • Stored according to the label recommendations as a minimum and on the assumption that products have not been stored longer than three months by the distributor prior to opening.

If buying from a ZOOTATTOO® distributor, please check the original purchase date to determine the maximum storage life after opening.

Our all-natural products contain organic ingredients, so to maintain the product's texture and to maximise product efficacy, it is best to refrigerate if storing for more than three months and refrigerating during the warmer months when not in use.

After your purchase, make note of the date and discard the product on or before the nine month expiry or discard if the product has completely lost its scent or the texture becomes too runny. Looking after your aftercare will help to preserve the natural ingredients and will help to maintain the product's effectiveness and shelf life.