Caring for your ZOOTATTOO® Balm and ZOOTATTOO® Wash products

Caring for your ZOOTATTOO® Balm and ZOOTATTOO® Wash products

Caring for Z Balm and Z Wash as all-natural tattoo aftercare

If you have just been inked up you’re now most likely preparing for the healing process. During this important time you want to take particular care of your diet, getting in plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh water, and hopefully you have your Z Balm and Z Wash ready to go.

First check out the Directions for Use and prevent from using beyond the best before date. Avoid exposing to prolonged periods of heat, sunlight or overly warm environments. To help preserve your product after purchase, you can refrigerate in between use to maximise the lifespan. This will harden the balm slightly, but it quickly melts when rubbing between your fingers before you apply it. You could also remove from refrigeration an hour or so before use to soften the balm to your preference. The application of a chilled aftercare balm or cleanser onto a fresh tattoo can also have a nice soothing effect which can come in handy.

Smaller balm tube sizes are often used up quickly so storage doesn't present much of an issue unless stored too long in warm conditions or beyond the best before date. Larger sized tubs are often consumed over longer periods of time unless being used on large tattoos. Keeping the bigger tubs cool is best practice. 

Take care to not leave product caps and lids lying close to children. We recommend storing aftercare out of reach of young children and pets.  

Our balms, creams and cleansers have a shelf life expectancy of 9 months from the date of opening depending on storage methods used. Being all natural, our balms and cleansers are edible, but the taste isn’t palatable for kids or pets so if they do swallow some, it won’t do them any harm. If the product has expired beyond it's best before date, discard and keep out of reach from children and pets. Caring for your tattoo during healing and getting the most from your aftercare is important and going all natural with hemp is a great approach to healing well and getting to experience the best heal possible. 

After your purchase, make note of the Best Before tag date on the packaging and discard the product when it begins showing signs of excessive grittiness, crusting or if it has completely lost it's scent. Looking after your aftercare will preserve the natural ingredients up to the best before date and longer if well preserved, but the effectiveness will be nearing its end at the best before date. Try to use up your product as close to the purchase date as possible and not beyond the best before date.

For sufferers of chlorophyll allergies, Z Balm and Z Wash contain hemp seed oil so avoid using these products and instead you can contact us via our contact us page to request a non-fragrant or no chlorophyll version.  


This article was brought to you by ZOOTATTOO® The world's premium vegan aftercare balms, creams, adhesive wraps, and cleansers. We only use high quality exotic Australian Organic Hemp Oil and complimentary botanical ingredients for when you're healing tattoos, scalp micro-pigmentation and laser treated skin.You won't look back!

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