About ZOOTATTOO® Balm: premium tattoo aftercare balm with hemp oil

About ZOOTATTOO® Balm: premium tattoo aftercare balm with hemp oil

About Z Balm

ZOOTATTOO® or Z BALM as it's affectionately known as, is made from locally sourced, all natural ingredients. Australian organic Hemp, virgin Olive and Coconut oils are combined with Candelilla wax, Cocoa Butter and complimentary botanicals to provide a silky vegan tattoo aftercare balm with a slight honey citrus scent.

Our tattoo balms and cleansers contain Vitamin E and offer a shelf life expectancy of between 1-2 years depending on storage. Being all natural, our balms are actually edible but the taste isn’t palatable for kids or pets, but if they do swallow some, it won't cause any harm. Don't use Z BALM if you suffer from chlorophyll allergies and if the product has expired beyond it's best before date (being 9 months after opening), it should be discarded at this stage. 

Note: Take care to not leave product caps and lids lying close to children.We recommend storing the aftercare out of reach of young children and pets. 

Upon purchase, make note of your purchase date and discard the product after six months. Also discard if it the balm begins showing signs of excessive grittiness or crusting. Looking after your aftercare will preserve the natural ingredients up to the best before date and longer if well preserved, but the effectiveness will be nearing its end after six months of opening. So try if possible to to use your product as close to the purchase date as possible for best results, and not beyond the best before date.

Z BALM works incredibly well to aid healing fresh ink and works much faster with a more vibrant and visibly superior outcome. Hemp seed oil is an amazing oil and even more so when combined with our formula. Give some a try for yourself and see the difference on your own work of art. 

If you suffer from allergies to citrus or chlorophyll, Z BALM and Z WASH contain lemon balm and hemp seed oil so please avoid using these products and instead you can contact us to request non-fragrant or non-chlorophyll versions.


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