What if your tattoo gets infected?? Read on..

What if your tattoo gets infected?? Read on..
Part of the joy in getting a new tattoo is seeing it heal nicely with no loss of ink, so there's really no need to be scared and you cannot afford to be lazy and take short cuts during this process. It’s important to take heed that the tattoo aftercare starts the moment the ink gun fires up. Also, it’s got to be said that anyone still using the non-organic ointment is living in the dark ages.
And some creams are best left at healing nappy rash than tattoos but who needs to go there again? The consistency of ointment is very thick and the prevalent active ingredients you find in some ointments beg the question why anyone would want to apply chemical stuff to an open wound in the first place! And what’s worse, most people apply it too thickly, which can result in the tattoo turning “soggy”. As a result infection is likely to occur as bacteria  thrive in such environments with limited oxygen.
The way forward for me was to use ZOOTATTOO® WRAP. I won’t tell you how much I have spent on my tattoos but I learnt through experience that there had to be a better solution to protect my investments so that’s when I went on my search to find something that would enable me to bring my tattoo aftercare into the 21st century. ZOOTATTOO® WRAP in particular keeps the bacteria out, while also preventing the tattoo from drying out and cracking. The ZOOTATTOO® WRAP film also prevents your new tattoo from sticking to your clothes and bed sheets. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your tattoo has stuck to the fabric as this will likely rip off the initial healed layer and you could lose some precious ink!
After several days of ZOOTATTOO® WRAP, you can apply some sort of organic lubrication such as ZOOTATTOO® BALM or ZOOTATTOO® CREAM and you can start washing the area with natural soap which is the best option when showering and cleaning the tattoo.
It can also be used on your entire body and being a wholly natural product, it does wonders for the healing process and promotion of healthy looking skin. If you do get lazy during this process, your tattoo could scab heavily and/or crack which will cause bleeding. Also keep in mind that some areas of the body may take longer to heal than others regardless of your tattoo aftercare, such as the neck or the back of the knee. Constant movement can irritate the tattoo and prolong the healing.
Lastly, I want to reiterate that besides the planning of your new tattoo design and booking the artist, it is highly advisable to have the tattoo aftercare essentials on hand before the big day. Taking short cuts on aftercare and using cheap products that were never intended for tattoo aftercare will likely affect the end result. And yes you will always hear people say that my tattoo healed just fine without the added investment, but then they probably never compared their tattoo against another that received fit for purpose tattoo aftercare. Not to mention, you rarely hear about the horror stories or see a severely infected tattoo being shared on Facebook. Right?
I always combine ZOOTATTOO® WRAP, Z Tattoo Hemp Balm and a nautural hemp wash for the best results. Renowned artists from all around the world swear by it, and so do I from experience.
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