Do you have to have to be tattooed from neck to toe to enjoy the art?

Do you have to have to be tattooed from neck to toe to enjoy the art?

Good evening guys, 

It's blowing a gale in Melbourne tonight, so instead of going out, I thought to hang back and take this opportunity to offer some thought for consideration when it comes to the concept of having passion for a thing, and perhaps to get a thing off my chest. In particular, the thing in question is tattoos. I’ve recently heard it being said that if you don’t have tattoos, then you don’t deserve or have a right to have anything to do with the tattoo industry. The ironic thing about that statement, is that a huge percentage of the tattoo fan base out there on social media platforms actually don’t have tattoos. But I’m sure many and if not all of them would love to get a tattoo which is why they follow artists in the first place. And perhaps the tattoo of their dreams may be out of their reach for now and regardless of the reason, surely this shouldn’t mean that people who have one or no tattoos don't deserve to be a fan of the art or involved in the industry. After all, it is about the art isn't it? I for one love art of all forms. It’s also about the personalities and the characters behind the art and I’m not just talking about the tattoo artists of the world. It’s the fans who follow the industry, with or without ink. There are those who have spent tens of thousands on their ink and those who are thinking about spending their first few hundred. Everyone has to start somewhere right? After all, today's fan is tomorrow’s customer.

I can personally relate to the art of tattooing and even though I have a tattoo and still clearly remember the experience and the rush of getting it, I wish I could have gotten more but my circumstances prevented that. But I am one of those fans who admires the art of tattooing, I admire the detail, and I know how much skill and effort goes into each and every tattoo. I have friends who have the tattoos that I always wanted, but I just have to live my dream through them. It doesn’t mean I am going to deny myself the chance to enjoy an industry out of passion for the art just because my sleeve isn’t quite finished yet. 

All things considered, who would want to outcast a person from an industry and deny them the chance to enjoy the art for what it is, just because they didn’t have a tattoo or maybe only one or two? If this is your train of thought, then you might want to go and delete 70% of your followers because they don’t have tattoos. But they could potentially be tomorrow’s customer right?. Though if you create a stigma that only tough guys who already have wall to wall tattoos are the only people who could possibly be accepted into the industry, then you could be inadvertently alienating quite a large portion of the 70% or so. These people might not have the courage to walk into a tattoo shop to get their first piece done and experience the addictive rush that goes with it, so a bit of encouragement can go a long way. 

We all know it’s a small industry so could it benefit from a collective frame of thought as to how it could potentially convert the blank canvases into actual inked up paying customers? Your tattoo skills are no doubt going to be the number one drawcard, though I’ve met a lot of business owners across a range of industries who use complimentary products to act as complimentary drawcards. There’s nothing new here conceptually. There’s always going to be an opportunity to be financially rewarded from providing a sound Tattoocare package to customers, but should it just be measured in financial terms?

Promoting the health side of the industry surely couldn’t hurt, and might be one of the formulas needed to help persuade some of those ‘blank canvases out there to summon up the courage to get initiated into the club”! In my opinion, I think regardless of the industry or what job you do, health and safety should be up there in importance, and not just as an insurance policy but more as a value added service and for customer peace of mind. Whether it be for the curious looking to get their first masterpiece, or the sports man or woman who needs a layer of protection for the game ahead just after getting some fresh ink. Even the hardcore collector who’s skin might not be as permeable as it once was could also use a bit or nourishment to bring some life back into the older tattoos. There are so many chemicals that your skin gets exposed to every day including UV's which can be punishing on inked skin over time. 

There’s also a lot of people out there who have dry or sensitive skin who don’t respond well to chemically laden products that are fairly common out there. You can’t criticise anyone for doing things old school either but every industry evolves over time and while it can be good to take on new ideas, it’s also important to keep some of that old world charm and culture. The fortunate thing about tattooing is that it has a great culture, and a brotherhood, and it’s a fine art that absolutely anyone can and should have the right to admire, regardless of their colour, race, age, sex, religion and regardless of how many tattoos they may or may not have or who did them. Stay safe people and peace out!

Feel free to comment, I know everyone’s busy but we’re always up for a chat and are always enthusiastic to answer any questions. Feel free to drop me a line at via our contact us page attention to Dean. I’d be happy to share some of my customer success stories and offer any assistance in any way regarding Tattoocare and its various applications and benefits, and how to grow promote your business using effective tattoocare.



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