Skin cancer patient gets AMAZING results with Z Balm..............!!!

Skin cancer patient gets AMAZING results with Z Balm..............!!!

I wanted to share this story with our readers to perhaps offer further insight into the amazing healing benefits of hemp seed oil.

During my travels up the Northern New South Wales coast of Australia in 2016, I happened to meet an older gentlemen at a place I stayed and whilst chatting with him, I couldn't help noticing that he had quite severe open and bleeding lesions on his arms.

I asked this man what was causing the lesions and he bluntly turned to me and said ‘bloody skin cancer’. I couldn’t help but feel for this poor old bloke as it was fairly obvious that these lesions were causing him a lot of grief. I recall them being a result of his numerous operations. His skin just wasn’t healing and constantly bled.

At the time I met the fellow, we had recently completed extensive testing on our hemp based tattoo aftercare, so, I decided to give a tub to the old chap. What did he have to lose? He said to me that he had tried all the creams and medications referred to him by Doctors and fly by pharmacies and nothing worked. His skin, to put it bluntly looked horrid. It’s really quite a daunting sight to see what skin cancer is capable of.

After giving this man a tub of our Z Balm Tattoo Aftercare, he was kind of hesitant as he asked how a tattoo aftercare product would help. I told him not to be concerned and gave him an explanation as to what the balm was made from, how we sourced our ingredients and of some other success stories we’ve had with other people suffering from random skin problems such as Eczema, skin rashes, Psoriasis and more.

With some hesitancy, the old fella said he promised to give it a red hot go. I told him how to apply it and the frequency. Three days later I caught up with him again, and to even my amazement, this guy’s skin had begun to dry up and heal. It was almost miraculous which is a word I typically don't like to use. Even I didn’t expect such an amazing result. I could see in his eyes that he was more than grateful for my recommendation, so I loaded him up with a bulk tub that would see him through a very long time, and left the place not long after.

It’s a shame that governments around the world aren’t as progressive as we might hope, in continuing to support the pharmaceutical industry and in many cases not officially endorsing the benefits of hemp, CBD oil, etc. With that said, more and more people are bypassing government recommendations and taking decisions into their own hands. Particularly those with serious illness that mainstream medical has failed to treat. With that said, governments around the world do seem to be making some advances in their approach to CBD oil and hemp oil as a medicinal application, though with that said, hemp based products are legal in most parts of the world, so much of the stigma has dissipated already.

Mother nature has given us more healing plants than we in the modern world realise however unfortunately so much of the knowledge of healing with plants has been lost or kept hidden. Perhaps deliberately but let’s not get all conspiratorial. Sometimes we need to think outside the box and try something new. When it comes to tattoo aftercare, there are plenty of balms, butters and oil out there. They all seem to be the same or using the same or slightly varying “safe” ingredients. My thoughts are that if you continue to do the same things and expect different results, you might never know what you’re missing by trying something from left of field.  


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