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I'm a fan

This will be my third time using zoo wrap. This is my go to for healing all my work. I've tried all the brands and nothing has healed as well as ZooTattoo wrap.

Ashleigh K.
Still have yet to receive product

Although I paid for express shipping, I have still yet to receive my item. If it even arrives it is too late now, my tattoo is almost healed. Very disappointed

Hi Ashleigh, leaving a 1 star review for us because of a problem with Australia Post is disappointing. We shipped your order the same day as you placed it via Express Post. I'm not sure if you're aware but we have no control over Australia Post's delivery network. Perhaps you could have left your review for them. Secondly, you could have contacted us to notify us directly so we could follow it up for you with Australia Post.

Sascha Z.
Best tattoo covering!

I decided to purchase Zootattoo Wrap after having a reactions from other brands. I have had no reaction so I am stoked! I’ll definitely be purchasing this product again.

Thanks for your feedback Sascha.

Katie F.
Amazing product!

I love this product! I've had multiple issues with other brands of second skin with allergic reactions to the adhesive in the product. But an artist I recently went to told me about Zoo Tattoo and we tried a test patch and it was amazing! I had zero reaction! So I bought the 3-piece set to test out with an actual new tattoo and 2.5 days in and it's going great so far (the others caused reactions basically within the hour) 100% recommend this product and I'll definately be buying more!

Thanks Katie, appreciate your feedback. We hear that quite often with other brands. Unfortunately there are alot of cheaper alternatives but there are no quality assurance checks during manufacturing.

Bigger wraps

I love Zwrap, Ive had an artist use it on me before and healing time and ease of healing was amazing, the tattoo actually came out looking better as well. However, my current tattoo, the artist wanted me to dry heal, so I bought a care pack from here online. The tattoo itself was only meant to be 8x5 so I ordered this before getting the ink done, so I could come straight home, wash and wrap. However he's gone a little bigger and the 20x15 doesn't quite fit, that I've had to use two sheets. I've since taken them off after a couple of days due to seeping and the seal breaking, I now don't have enough to recover it. 3 sheets just isn't enough for this being the biggest pre cut sheets they do. It's a little disappointing. 4 sheets or a bigger pack in general would be nice as an option. Now I have to heal it regularly, I can't buy more, by the time it ships to SA it will already be passed the healing time frame to wear it. Please look into bigger packs or more sheets. Otherwise great product. The cleaning foam and balm is awesome as well btw.

Hi Ashleigh, to rate our product 3 star because your artist made your tattoo bigger is a bit unfair. We do have 10 metre rolls which might have been a better option.