• Step 1 - Apply to our affiliate program below

  • Step 2 - Learn about our brand, create story-telling moments across your social channels and promote your Affiliate Link.

  • Step 3 - Earn commission every time someone clicks your Affiliate Link and makes a ZOOTATTOO® product purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I promote? All of our retail products.

How much commission can I earn? A 20% commission rate is paid for every valid sale that is generated from your Affiliate Link, on the total value of the order minus shipping. This is passive and ongoing income for an agreed term. Each of your subscribers/followers/customers will be given a 20% discount that will be automatically applied to their purchases via your Affiliate link for the entire duration of the agreed term.

Please note that the 20% subscriber/follower/customer discounts that are associated with all affiliate links will not be able to be used in conjunction with any other ZOOTATTOO® offer, discount or promotional incentive. 

See shipping page for details on where we can ship to.

When and how are commissions paid? We will provide you with a system generated commission report at the end of each month detailing each sale that was made using your Affiliate Link and commission payable. Commissions will be distributed at the beginning of each month via EFT or PayPal.

How will I know what products or offers to promote?

Simply try our range of products and decide which one’s you like best, learn about the product and pick one or two that you could use on yourself and start there if it resonates with you.

Does it cost money to sign-up as a ZOOTATTOO® affiliate? No. Joining is free and straightforward.

Next Steps?

  • Submit your application here>, enter your name, email, phone number. Check the Affiliate application box, tell us in a few short sentences why you would be a good fit for the program paste at least one of your social media channel URL links.

  • All applications received are reviewed within 3-5 business days.

  • Note: ZOOTATTOO® does not always provide free products to applicants however a first order discount is available for all applicants that are pre-screened and genuinely interested in the program. If you have a demonstrable following across social media platforms, free products samples can be made available for personal testing and consumption. Contacts us here for samples.

  • Eligibility: ZOOTATTOO® is open to partnering with almost all third-party affiliates. All you need is an audience and an interest in Tattoos, Laser Tattoo Removal or Scalp-micropigmentation. We reserve the right to refuse any Affiliate application that we deem to be unsuitable.

 Want to know more about ZOOTATTOO® ? Head on over to https://www.zootattoo.com.au/pages/so-who-is-zootattoo (opens in a new window) Additional questions about our affiliate program or partnering with ZOOTATTOO® can be made by contacting us here>