Z Wrap Adhesive Tattoo Bandage 15 cm x 10 Metre Artist Roll


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ZOO TATTOO WRAP adhesive tattoo bandage is a transparent tattoo dressing film that offers the ultimate defence against grime, bacteria and infection. Perfect for the tattoo artist or professional collector, the 15 cm x 10 metre Artist Roll can be cut to any shape and size, and overlapped to provide coverage over any size tattoo. The bandage feels like a second layer of skin once applied and is very light to wear. 
With its adhesive underside, ZOO TATTOO WRAP is easily applied and holds firm to the skin surrounding the tattoo until it's ready to be removed, so you can wear it anywhere or during sports activity without restricting movement. The bandage is waterproof so you can bathe as normal.
Being transparent, you can easily view the tattoo through the bandage to monitor healing progress.
  • permeable allowing the tattoo to breathe and perspire
  • durable, very light to wear and stretchable
  • perfect for covering elbows, knees, armpits and shoulders
  • hypoallergenic
  • adheres easily to the skin surrounding your tattoo without sticking to the tattoo itself
  • prevents tattoos from sticking to clothing and bed sheets
  • transparent and latex free
  • non sterile, offers 24/7 protection until completely healed
Use with ZOO TATTOO BALM, and ZOO TATTOO WASH to complete your tattoo aftercare program and help ensure an infection free, fast heal with optimal end results. See the blog post here on how to apply and remove ZOO TATTOO WRAP


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