ZOOTATTOO® WRAP adhesive tattoo bandage reviews, healed tattoos with incredible results

ZOOTATTOO® WRAP adhesive tattoo bandage reviews, healed tattoos with incredible results

If you haven't tried ZOOTATTOO® WRAP, affectionately known as Z Wrap on a fresh tattoo yet, you've got to try it out next time around and experience the difference for yourself in both the healing process and end results. You will be impressed, I assure you. The convenience and peace of mind you get from having a protective layer between your fresh ink (mixed with bodily fluids) and the outside world including bacteria, bed sheets and your clothing is underestimated!

Z Wrap is the first and only Australian adhesive tattoo bandage registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as a medical grade adhesive bandage.

Z Wrap saves time, it's quick and easy to apply, and comes off easy with a soak of warm soapy water. It's great being able to just cover over your tattoo, and forget about it for 24 hours until the second application is ready to be applied. As for the end results, here's a few comments from Z Wrap converts and we'd be stoked to add you to our growing base of happy tattooed campers!! 



Wesley S. on Aug 02, 2017


Man this bandage is AMAZING, I absolutely recommend it. I will never go without. Love love love it.



Josephine Cory on Jul 11, 2017

After having tried many methods of healing tattoos, finally I've struck gold.

After having tried many methods of healing tattoos, finally I've struck gold. Discovering Zoo Tattoo's aftercare packs with tattoo wrap, tattoo balm and tattoo wash has been a lifesaver. Just a simple two wrap process, and in seven days my tattoos have healed completely. The wraps are breathable, and act like a second skin, They are waterproof and ensure that there is no itching, no flaking, no scabbing, no colour fallout, plus the pain and swelling of healing fresh ink is drastically reduced!
This stuff is seriously amazing, and I urge anyone to try this method and especially the products from Zoo Tattoo. The best wrap that I have found on the market, and an easy to use balm in a stick - so you don't even need to touch your fresh tattoo (except for your first wash). The fact that there is no deep itch in the final stages of healing, and at least a 60% reduction in post-tattoo swelling is the stuff that dreams are made of. 
Thank you Zoo Tattoo, for helping my healing to be speedy and hygienic, I am now a loyal fan!



Josh D. on May 31, 2017

Best aftercare tattoo wrap

We have tried all the big brands and paid significantly more for products in the past until we came across zoo wrap. To find a product that each of our tattooists love is rare but found in every one of the Zoo products. This wrap is easy to apply, most cost effective on the market and an Australian product. We are very happy customers!



Ketura B. on May 24, 2017 

Great customer support product

Took second application of Z wrap this morning there was a perfect imprint of the tattoo on the wrap it's peeling beautifully. The wrap lasted the whole time with very minimal unsticking of some edges only but still sealed the weeping evaporated without any leakage. Very impressed with the product, healing your professional guidance when I had questions. Thank you


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