Dermalize withdrawn from sale in Australia

Notice to our existing and prospective customers regarding Dermalize:

Zoo Tattoo wishes to formally announce that we have withdrawn Dermalize from sale immediately. This is due to advice from the Therapeutic Goods Administration regarding the fact that the film used in this product is classed as a medical device and requires TGA approval and registration in Australia. As we are not the manufacturers or sole distributor of Dermalize, we do not have control over the TGA process. Subsequently, without TGA registration, the sale of Dermalize in the Australian region is illegal.

Whilst Dermalize is a great product, it does not preclude the requirement of the manufacturer to adhere to Australian regulation and standards.

Despite the challenge and disappointment this issue has created, Zoo Tattoo recently made the decision to invest in a premium quality medical grade product (Z Wrap) that offers the same benefits to customers but has undergone TGA registration. This means that is can be lawfully sold in Australia.

Z Wrap is comparable with Dermalize, however our side by side comparisons show that Z Wrap offers better adhesion so we are confident we are bringing a slightly better offering to the market. We apologise for any inconvenience, however we trust that our investment in Z Wrap at the very least offers an alternative protective tattoo film for enthusiasts. It is a highly effective product and 100% complaint with Australian law and standards, and we’re confident you will be satisfied with the benefits.

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